Why Do Historic Places Matter? – a fascinating online exploration

Following on from the September publication of the report Why Do Historic Places Matter?, covered on this blog here, on Wednesday November 24th at 6.00pm UK time, SAVE Britain’s Heritage presents an online event exploring this report and its relevance to protecting heritage projects up and down the country.

The threats to so many historic buildings are intensifying in the rush to build new housing by soulless builders who are solely driven by money. Governed by unbridled greed that sees land irrespective of what stands upon it, encouraged by a government that sees the cost of everything and the value of nothing, their laser-vision is focused on knocking anything down, irrespective of the care, skill, craftsmanship, beauty or social relevance the building has, consuming all in its path and excreting bland, miserable Lego blocks in their wake.

They are focused purely on knocking things down and erecting impoverished replacements – in terms of design, space, planning, ambiance and social fabric. To make a musical analogy, its like slaughtering Luciano Pavarotti and replacing him with a Karaoke machine. These leeches do not only demolish buildings, they demolish something much more important – civic and community pride.

Historic urban places matter economically, environmentally and socially. But more than that, they matter emotionally. But why? Join SAVE Britain’s Heritage and Rebecca Madgin, Professor of Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow, to discuss her recently published report considering why people develop emotional attachments to the heritage of towns and cities, and why urban historic places matter. 

Tickets are complimentary for SAVE’s Saviours / £3 for Friends / £5 for Members of the Public.

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