Hampstead Theatre’s TIGER COUNTRY

The next play available from Hampstead Theatre is Nina Raine’s medical-set drama, TIGER COUNTRY, directed by Raine herself.

December is the busiest time of year for London’s hospitals. For one particular team it’s business as usual, even with the seasonal upsurge.

Brian, the urology consultant, is audaciously trying to convince his superior, Mr Leffe, to swap irksome patients. Newcomer Emily has already discharged 5 people and it’s not even 10am. Her boyfriend James, a dishy doctor, is as usual engaged in charming his superiors – not to mention the eye-catching Rebecca. Feisty senior house officer Mark is wrestling with his bossy mentor Vashti to allow him to be more hands-on. And throughout it all, John, the cardiology registrar, simply can’t find a minute in the day to enjoy his roast turkey sandwich…

Nina Raine entertainingly entwines multiple stories in this action-packed drama that looks beyond the corridors into an extraordinary workplace, full of professionals under pressure, driven by ambition, compassion and humour.

The production is available now until 10pm on April 26th on demand.

Although this production is free to watch, please strongly consider making a donation to the Hampstead Theatre to enable it to keep its doors open after this crisis has passed.


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