Transport Group’s musical BROADBEND, ARKANSAS

From America, Transport Group is offering you a free performance of their world-premiere musical from 2019, BROADBEND, ARKANSAS.

In a remarkably timely offering, the show explores how a Black family grapples with decades of inequality, violence, and suppression in the American South. Benny, an orderly at a nursing home, delicately balances his role as a caregiver to an ornery white resident who shares a contentious past with his white boss while at the same time caring for his own family as the fight for equality grips the nation in the midst of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. Thirty years later, his daughter, Ruby, struggles to understand an incident of police brutality against her 15-year-old son. This unique musical, spanning nearly half a century and three generations, asks us to contemplate the cycle of violence in this country and how we will find hope and create change against the backdrop of hate that plagues America.

Starring Justin Cunningham and Danyel Fulton with a libretto by Ellen Fitzhugh and Harrison David Rivers and music and additional lyrics by Ted Shen, the show was highly-praised upon its debut and earned a number of high-profile recommendations, including from The New York Times.

The performance lasts 90 minutes and is available online until the end of August 16th (US time). The performance is offered free but you must register in order to gain access.

Transport Group ask that if you enjoy this streaming presentation, in lieu of a ticketing fee, please give what you are able, to financially support Black Theatre Network

HEADS- UP NOTES – You must register to receive a unique access code to view the recording. This access code will be valid for 48 hours from the time of registering. Just so you know!


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