Watch Now: The Gate Theatre’s SUZY STORCK

Their voices.

Their bodies moving about.

Their bodies all over the place all over me all day.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Another unbearably hot evening.  Suzy Storck sits by the window.  A glass of wine.  A bottle.  Three.  Her husband’s left.  Maybe he’s coming home.  Maybe he’s not. The radio buzzes.  Upstairs, the sound of tiny hands behind a bedroom door.  Her children.  Another glass. The smell of an animal that isn’t quite yet dead.  And still the sun will just not set.

How exactly did she end up here? 

SUZY STORCK is the debut UK production of Jean-Pierre Baro, one of the most exciting new artists in French theatre, that dares to ask the question: what happens when you don’t want children – and you already have them?

Running time: 75 minutes

Suggested age guidance: 14+.

The show is currently available.

PLEASE NOTE This is an archival recording not originally intended for public viewing.

To watch SUZY STORCK, click here

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