Here’s another brilliant show for younger audiences from the pioneering Little Angel Theatre.

FLYBOY AND THE ROBOT is an original story from multi-disciplinary artist and musician Matthew Robins.

Matthew has been writing and performing an on-going series of stories about Flyboy for the last 10 years.  Using black paper, a scalpel, and a piano they are his own home-made way of recreating all the things he loves – 1950s science-fiction films, Sesame Street cartoons, the Beano, old Tom Waits records.  This story (Flyboy and the Robot) is one of Matthew’s favourites to perform as it combines many of his favourite things, i.e. crocodiles, robots, and sausages, and lots of diminished-seventh chords.

When there isn’t a pandemic Matthew also performs with the other musicians in his band, but in this special performance filmed at the Little Angel Theatre in London, he has to do it alone – with some help from Tim Spooner operating the puppets.  

The show lasts approximately 12 minutes.

Although this show is free to watch, please consider making a donation to the Little Angel Theatre which does vital work in helping younger children to access the joy of theatre.

Music, lyrics and puppets by Matthew Robins
Performed by Matthew Robins and Tim Spooner


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