Complicité’s THE ENCOUNTER

Complicité’s award-winning 2015 show THE ENCOUNTER is being streamed, free, this week.

Inspired by Petru Popescu’s novel “Amazon Beaming”, the show is performed by Simon McBurney (who co-directs with Kirsty Housley). The show is a highly technically-sophisticated, richly-layered account of photographer Loren McIntyre’s first encounter with the indigenous Mayoruna people, deep in the Amazon rain forest.

Originating at the Edinburgh International Festival, and subsequently touring Europe, Australia and America, the show will be available online until Friday 22 May (10pm BST).

One unusual feature of this presentation is that audiences will need to wear headphones to experience the piece’s binaural sound design (as this doesn’t work via speakers). This show seems a really great “fit” for online viewing as the audience in the theatre were asked to put on headphones to experience this skilful combination of soundscaping and storytelling.

Although this show is free to watch, please strongly consider making a donation to Complicité to enable them to return once this crisis has passed.


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