Watch Mint Theatre’s THE NEW MORALITY free online until December 4th!

New York’s Mint Theater Company are generously offering free worldwide streaming of one of their rediscovered plays from the early 20th century, THE NEW MORALITY by Harold Chapin.

Set aboard a houseboat on a fashionable reach of the Thames in 1911, THE NEW MORALITY tells the story of how the brazen Betty Jones restores dignity to her household and harmony to her marriage, by losing her temper and making a scene.

A rising star of the theatre, Brooklyn-born British playwright Harold Chapin had numerous one-acts and three full-length plays produced before he was killed on the battlefield in 1915 at the age of 29. “When Harold Chapin fell in France the modern British theatre lost a comic writer of high order,” declared the Sunday Times. “For intellectual foolery his New Morality has no equal in present-day work.” The play was produced five years after his death to great acclaim, and then languished in obscurity for decades until Mint’s “lavishly crafted” (Theatermania) revival introduced New York theatergoers to Chapin’s “unabashed comedy with bite.” (The New Yorker)

“The Mint’s eminently satisfying production of The New Morality may spur renewed interest in Chapin’s output and cause us to wonder what else he might have achieved had his life not been cut short before his 30th birthday,” wrote Talkin’ Broadway. “The script combines a jigger or two of Harley Granville Barker, a measure of Shaw, a dash of Wilde and stirs as needed,” remarked The New York Times. “The writing is charming and finely observed…The direction, by the Mint’s artistic director, Jonathan Bank, is appealing and apposite. The acting is adept, with particularly impressive turns by Brenda Meaney as Betty and Ned Noyes as the husband of her putative rival.”

Directed by Jonathan Bank, Mint’s THE NEW MORALITY was recorded when it ran in New York in 2015. And now, you can see the play until December 4th online. It runs just over 90 minutes and is presented in its original three act structure.

For more information about author Harold Chapin, and to watch the show, click here

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