Colchester Mercury Theatre’s PIECES OF STRING


To celebrate VE Day 2020, Colchester Mercury proudly present their hit 2018 production, PIECES OF STRING, online. This new British musical, which premiered on the Mercury stage, explores three generations of one family, alternating between the 1940s and the present day, telling the story of a World War II soldier who returned with a secret that he would carry until the day he died.

With hauntingly beautiful music and a heart-rending human story, PIECES OF STRING is a tender, funny, emotionally-charged exploration of how three generations of one family learn to deal with a story that nobody’s been brave enough to tell until today.

Times may have changed but some battles still need to be fought.

Written and composed by Gus Gowland, PIECES OF STRING was developed by Perfect Pitch and co-produced by the Mercury Theatre Colchester and TBO Productions. The musical was a hit with audiences in Colchester and went on to win the Stage Debut Award 2018 for Best Composer or Lyricist and was nominated for Best Musical Theatre Bookwriting – Writers’ Guild of Great Britain and Best Musical Production – UK Theatre Awards.

Although this production is free to watch, please strongly consider making a donation to the Mercury Theatre to help it to reopen its doors after this crisis has passed.

Age guidance 14+. Contains adult themes. The show runs approximately two hours.

To watch a trailer for the show, click here

To watch a short interview with the writer/composer, Gus Gowland, click here


You can find PIECES OF STRING available to rent or as part of a subscription at the Digital Theatre website

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