To my brilliant UNRESTRICTED THEATRE subscribers – a special note to you…

Hello Everyone,

I want to thank every one of you so much for the time you have spent enjoying the pages of this blog.

When I started it at the beginning of 2019, none of us had any conception that in 2020 a global pandemic would shut down our beloved theatres all around the world, as well as the events industry and all the many business who served them, throwing tens of thousands of talented, hard-working people out of work.

These amazing people did what they do best- they reinvented themselves in every way imaginable- from taking shows online, to retraining, to helping others carry on, and in hundreds of other important ways.

In my own small way, I was forced to adapt too. Honestly, my first thoughts were “Oh well, that’s the blog stuffed, then!”. But then I pretty soon started to think about things that I could do, ways that I could help us all remember, celebrate and keep a light on for the theatres we love, until they were able to return. In my own very small way I was inspired by the hope and creativity shown by our wonderful entertainment industries during their darkest hour.

And now, theatres are back, with all the benefits they bring to our wellbeing.

In terms of my own support, it has remained full-strength – but from afar. I am not back yet, as I sense a small but significant proportion of the pre-COVID audience aren’t. I hope that changes- and I hope to be back soon.

But in the last few months, my own circumstances have changed substantially, meaning that I have much less time to devote to running the blog than previously.

To those of you who have been kind enough to sign up for the regular Catch Ups, Thank You. I hope you have enjoyed them.

The key news is that I will be suspending the Fortnightly Catch Ups as of the Catch Up 120 on 21st July, for a few months. Please stay subscribed and you’ll be the first to hear of their return.

It’s been a difficult decision. But the blog itself carries on unchanged, so please carry on visiting when you have time, and rest assured there will still be things to see and do and enjoy!

When the Updates return I will let you know.

Until then, many thanks again for your support, warmth, feedback and praise. It’s been such a delight sharing our mutual love of theatre and all that goes with it! And I look forward to carrying on, hopefully with your interest and participation.

Do remember that I always enjoy hearing from you – you can find me at

Meanwhile, Keep Well – and Keep Theatre Strong in Your Hearts!


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    1. Thank You Angie for taking the time to read! Always look forward to your interesting and valuable comments. The blog goes on!….

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