Theatre archive; watch decorative plaster makers at work

If you, like me, have ever looked intently with pleasure at the beautiful plasterwork in many of our older theatres, then you will be intrigued to discover and enjoy this short film courtesy of British Pathe which details the process of casting elaborate plaster decoration for theatre walls and ceilings.

For anyone interested in, or wanting to know more about theatre plasterwork, further reading can be found in an interesting article by David Harrison here

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    1. Hi Kevin and thanks for your comment. The commentary here is by Eamonn Andrews, an Irishman who went from radio to narration for British Pathe to TV, where he was the host on the UK versions of What’s My Line and This Is Your Life. The crispness of delivery and enunciation was on a par with how a majority of people spoke at that time, as far as I am aware. British Pathe, Gaumont British and the other newsreel companies’ narrators became very well-known personalities in their own right, often moving on to TV work with the demise of newsreels. Looking back through the telescope of time, they do sound amusingly quaint now, don’t they?

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