Disability theatre charity Head2Head Sensory Theatre has launched a new YouTube series aimed at children with special needs, autism or other sensory issues

It’s great to report that Head2Head Sensory Theatre have created a special YouTube series on their channel for children with special needs or other sensory issues.

Head2Head Sensory Theatre is a registered theatre charity dedicated to the SEND Special Needs’ and disability Community.

The new series is called Sensory Squad and the videos are free to watch on YouTube, and are signed and captioned

Sensory Squad enhances communication and offers supportive and fun learning experiences through songs, crafts, stories dancing and repetition, all aimed to help families and children prepare for real world experiences through a variety of exciting sensory experiences.

The charity says “Our channel offers fun and interactive multi-sensory theatre experiences for ALL including; shows, storytelling, learning, games and mask workshops for families, schools, colleges & SNSUs.

We are passionate about making theatre accessible to all and understand that families who have a child with a disability face many barriers.

We raise awareness, share knowledge and develop new ways to make this happen.

We include opportunities for self-development and learning by offering work experience to students transitioning from education.”

You can find Head2Head’s channel here

Find creative insights in TEDxBroadway

The last thing you want is for me to suggest you spend MORE time on the internet, but here I go, knowing I’m treading on thin ice!

You’ll all know the interesting, useful and often very entertaining TED talks series, and the many offshoot series it has inspired, which utilise the same format and name. In case you’re wondering, the x denotes an independently organised TED event.

If you haven’t come across TEDxBroadway before, then it’s well worth a look.

TED’s YouTube channel has a whole range of TEDxBroadway talks available which you can easily find.

Here’s one to start you off, which I like very much. Broadway set designer David Korins shares three ways to create a space that moves you. Its only ten minutes. Enjoy!

And if you enjoyed that, here’s a TEDxBroadway playlist (there are lots of other too!) to start you off. Dive in!