Attitude Is Everything is looking for Future Leaders for their new Programme launching soon

Here’s a great initiative! The innovative arts company Attitude is Everything is seeking 10 people at the early stage of their career in the music industry to join their ambitious and exciting new Future Leaders support scheme in 2022.

In a statement, AiE says: “We believe that the music and live events industry can only be accessible if people who are Deaf, disabled, neurodivergent or have long-term physical or mental health conditions can succeed in leadership positions. Across 2022 we plan to support ten people who are early or entering their careers in the music industry to develop their knowledge, skills and breadth of experience to support them to become industry leaders of the future.

The Future Leaders Programme is part of our National Lottery funded Beyond the Music initiative, which seeks to get more Deaf and disabled people working in the music industry.

Because each Future Leader’s journey will be bespoke to them, no leader will get the exact same experience but areas we want to support the Future Leaders over the course of the year include:

Accessing mentorship opportunities
Finding and applying for work placements
Understanding the breadth and variety of roles in the music and live events sector
Learning how to become specialists in accessibility work, if that is what you want to do.
Practical skills for freelance work such as invoicing clients or managing self-employment.
Introductions to senior figures within the music industry
Opportunities to shadow meetings and learn about new areas of work.
Being part of a supportive network of fellow Future Leaders
Learning how charities work, with a specific focus on the work of Attitude is Everything
Opportunities to learn communication and media skills and act as ambassadors for Beyond the Music.
We will also aim to support the Leaders where we can to develop in any other areas of work they are interested in.”

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Deadline to apply: 10th January

Find out more about how to apply, and the requirements and commitment needed at:…