Really inappropriately titled Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary names its winners…

The rapidly rising physical comedy star Luke Rollason decided to share his good fortune with others, by creating the very inappropriately titled Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary, which provides a small measure of funding, creative support and some snacks, he tells me.

Having announced the winners, you can now see them on stage. All of the winners will be appearing at May/ June’s Brighton Festival. So let’s meet them!

In no particular order, the four winners are:

POTATOHEAD by Freddie Hayes

“Gloriously Bonkers” newcomer Freddie Hayes’ debut solo show features puppetry, stand-up comedy, physical theatre, film, singing, dancing and plenty of potatoes – directed by Sh!t Theatre. This is a starch raving mad adaptation of Doctor Faustus and the Seven Deadly Sins… with puppets.

Potatohead tells the story of a humble spud Charlotte, who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. But how does a couch potato grow to become a golden wonder? With elements of kitsch cabaret and old school entertainment, this original new writing blends surrealist comedy and traditional theatre for a highly entertaining and joyful performance. Potatohead is an unadulterated celebration of silliness.

ECO MANIAC (Work In Progress) by Aruhan Galieva

Aruhan wants to assure you that this is NOT a TED Talk. In this NOT a TED Talk, she will navigate the mammoth headf*ck that is the climate crisis, as well as explore her experiences as a mixed-race British – Kazakhstani woman. Featuring original music written and performed by Aruhan (there’s some absolute bangers in there).

SUPERNUEVA by Sara Segovia

She comes. She invades. She dances. She shoots with her tits. She leaves.
Sara Segovia (“total idiot” – audience member) is an intelligence much greater than man, and she has landed on planet earth.
What galaxy does she come from? What does she want from us? Will she steal our jobs?
The Spanish mutant lovechild of E.T. and a Powerpuff Girl is on a mission to invade. In a cosmically funny, epic hour of clowning sci-fi-fiesta, comedy’s deadliest and most charming new star is “vital, bewildering and intoxicating” (audience member)
Sara Segovia is a Spanish-born, Gaulier trained idiot, actor and director. She has performed internationally – from The Spanish National Theatre to Edinburgh Fringe, and a host of sell-out London cabaret nights. Sara is a founding member of the company, Pointy Finger.

SNOWFLAKE by Hannah Winter

All snowflakes are unique. Some snowflakes also happen to be generation-defining artists.

A one-woman sledgehammer breaking the ice of fractured family dynamics with some truly bewildering comedy performance art. Ambitious, absurd and ass-kicking, SNOWFLAKE will also resolve everyone’s centuries of inherited trauma (promise).

You can find out more and book tickets for the Brighton Festival here

Get ready to discover the April Fools Festival!

Those of you with a love for comedy and those who enjoy seeing emerging new talent will be delighted to welcome the brand new April Fools Festival.

Created and curated by rising physical comedy star Luke Rollason, he put together the festival to help newer performers find their audiences.

Luke says “Whilst on break from live performance in order to concentrate on becoming famous, I’ve been working on creating opportunities for new unusual comedians. Programming a festival turned out to be way, way harder than I thought.”

“April Fools Festival celebrates the most creative new voices in the biz, featuring their most madly ambitious new ideas.”

A two-day celebration of the most creative new voices in comedy today, April Fools features rising stars of the alternative scene running riot at the OSO, situated by the beautiful Barnes Pond in London.

It’s a comedy festival with dinosaur hunters, silent bank robberies, tiny big tops, bursting bodices and a slapstick battle royale… not to mention a fête of surreal stalls and stupid sports outdoors and in the theatre foyer.

Curated in association with OSO Arts Centre.

For more details and ticket information see the OSO website here

Luke Rollason. His hair has applied for settled status (pending).

EXTRA: Shows to look forward to at the Edinburgh Festival 2019

Welcome to this extra section of show highlights. Here are a few shows which are worth seeing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Although I haven’t had much chance to see participating shows in the Fringe Festival, here are four I can definitely recommend as being worth a look.

Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content – at the Monkey Barrel, 12.00 noon Aug 2-25 (not 14)

Big laughs, where no two shows are ever the same.

Switch on your phones and switch off your brains, as one idiot enters the cloud and puts his mind on a spin cycle for your entertainment. Welcome to a slapstick Black Mirror that is guaranteed to make us all mutual friends. Viral nonsense from the ‘amazingly entertaining’ ***** ( celebrity internet nonentity Luke Rollason. Unlimited calls and texts and time and space and hope and everybody wins an iPad. ‘Made me cry with laughter’ **** ( ‘Hugely entertaining’ ( Tickets and information here

SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS – Underbelly, Cowgate at 1.30pm Aug 1-25 (not 12)

Uncovering the almost-lost achievements of an extraordinary woman.

In 1811, the daughter of a Lyme Regis carpenter discovered the world’s first Ichthyosaur. She was twelve. Before she was thirty, Mary Anning made discoveries that transformed our understanding of the universe. Then she was written out of history. Nearly. Scandal and Gallows bring their blend of movement and storytelling to this extraordinary story of genius, gender and dinosaurs. Previous work: ‘Riveting’ **** (Sunday Times). ‘A masterclass in theatrical storytelling’ **** ( Tickets and information here

TEACH – The Space at the Surgeon’s Hall, 4.05pm Aug 2-24 (not 11)

A vital lesson that we all need to learn from.

Matthew Roberts is a gifted, passionate and dedicated teacher of 16 years. But the system he has to work within consistently fails both teachers and students. Caught in the middle, teachers become our country’s social firefighters, with all the attendant stress, their dedication stretched to breaking point. Should he stay or leave teaching? Over the course of this show, the audience gets to decide. Tickets and information here

FULFILMENT – Underbelly, Cowgate at 3.40pm Aug 1-25 (not 12)

Who’s paying the true cost of your convenience?

Robox is your personal fulfilment device. The one-click wonder, the ultimate convenience. You dream it, he delivers it. Instant fulfilment. But fulfilment isn’t for everyone. Award-winning theatre company SharkLegs uncover the price people really pay for next-day delivery. Disarmingly funny and playful, the show is created live every day from your desires. Join us and let Robox discover what you need, what you want and what you dream of. Then let Robox provide the solution. A solution… Definitely a bit of a solution… Or a solution that other people who bought this solution also bought. . Tickets and information here