Dudley Hippodrome – new video captures past glories and future potential of the celebrated at-risk venue

Susan Lowe of the Friends of Dudley Hippodrome and the Dudley Hippodrome Development Trust has made a charming and effective new video about the star-studded history of the Dudley Hippodrome, the much-loved last-remaining professional theatre in the Dudley area, which the Council are eager to destroy.

Take a look, imagine the potential to the local economy and community and please join the Facebook friends group to support retention of this much-needed local piece of civic pride and heritage. Find the group here

Greetings from the stars on the opening of Dudley Hippodrome in 1938, a page from the Opening Souvenir brochure. Signed by stars from Gracie Fields to impresario/bandleader Jack Hylton and many others.