Really inappropriately titled Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary names its winners…

The rapidly rising physical comedy star Luke Rollason decided to share his good fortune with others, by creating the very inappropriately titled Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary, which provides a small measure of funding, creative support and some snacks, he tells me.

Having announced the winners, you can now see them on stage. All of the winners will be appearing at May/ June’s Brighton Festival. So let’s meet them!

In no particular order, the four winners are:

POTATOHEAD by Freddie Hayes

“Gloriously Bonkers” newcomer Freddie Hayes’ debut solo show features puppetry, stand-up comedy, physical theatre, film, singing, dancing and plenty of potatoes – directed by Sh!t Theatre. This is a starch raving mad adaptation of Doctor Faustus and the Seven Deadly Sins… with puppets.

Potatohead tells the story of a humble spud Charlotte, who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. But how does a couch potato grow to become a golden wonder? With elements of kitsch cabaret and old school entertainment, this original new writing blends surrealist comedy and traditional theatre for a highly entertaining and joyful performance. Potatohead is an unadulterated celebration of silliness.

ECO MANIAC (Work In Progress) by Aruhan Galieva

Aruhan wants to assure you that this is NOT a TED Talk. In this NOT a TED Talk, she will navigate the mammoth headf*ck that is the climate crisis, as well as explore her experiences as a mixed-race British – Kazakhstani woman. Featuring original music written and performed by Aruhan (there’s some absolute bangers in there).

SUPERNUEVA by Sara Segovia

She comes. She invades. She dances. She shoots with her tits. She leaves.
Sara Segovia (“total idiot” – audience member) is an intelligence much greater than man, and she has landed on planet earth.
What galaxy does she come from? What does she want from us? Will she steal our jobs?
The Spanish mutant lovechild of E.T. and a Powerpuff Girl is on a mission to invade. In a cosmically funny, epic hour of clowning sci-fi-fiesta, comedy’s deadliest and most charming new star is “vital, bewildering and intoxicating” (audience member)
Sara Segovia is a Spanish-born, Gaulier trained idiot, actor and director. She has performed internationally – from The Spanish National Theatre to Edinburgh Fringe, and a host of sell-out London cabaret nights. Sara is a founding member of the company, Pointy Finger.

SNOWFLAKE by Hannah Winter

All snowflakes are unique. Some snowflakes also happen to be generation-defining artists.

A one-woman sledgehammer breaking the ice of fractured family dynamics with some truly bewildering comedy performance art. Ambitious, absurd and ass-kicking, SNOWFLAKE will also resolve everyone’s centuries of inherited trauma (promise).

You can find out more and book tickets for the Brighton Festival here