ADF’s shadowing arts boards opportunity closes soon

Applications close on Monday November 15th for an award-winning new initiative from Artistic Directors of the Future

The ADF Board Shadowing Programme is a first of its kind programme taking place in arts organisations across the UK. This unique programme offers our ADF Members the exclusive opportunity to shadow a consortium of arts boards. This programme won ADF the Innovation Award for The Stage Awards 2020.

ADF said: “The ADF Board Shadowing programme is designed to demystify the roles and responsibilities of the board, broker relationships with aspiring trustees and create an even playing field for near-future opportunities. “

“We recognise that every board varies in capacity, operation and style, therefore, our nine-month programme provides up to10 Black, Asian, or Ethnically Diverse ADF members with tangible experience at up to 6 arts venues/organisations to examine what type of board is right for them. “

To apply, see here

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Artistic Directors of the Future’s INNOVATORS brings opportunities for people of colour

Here’s a great opportunity for people of colour to break through in the theatre industry, through the Artistic Directors of the Future’s INNOVATORS project which is now open for submissions until October 8th,

ADF Innovators gives up to 10 ADF members the time, space and support to develop a project idea that aligns with the ADF mission – to improve the representation of people of colour in theatre leadership positions. Up to 10 practitioners will develop their project proposal and their entrepreneurial skills over a two-week online intensive programme, providing all with a viable proposal and strategy for realisation. One of these innovators will have their project selected. The successful candidate will work at ADF as an Associate Leader for one year. During this period the Associate Leader will pilot their dream project with the potential of creating a real impact across the sector. The remaining ADF Innovators will be invited to join the 12-week Think Tank: Agents of Change, leading up to an industry conference. These agents of change will present their solutions to industry problems to the key decision-makers within theatre and live performance organisations.

The project is open to ADF members only, so if you have not registered please do so before submitting your application. Please also be aware there is an INNOVATORS briefing session on 23rd September which should be attended to fully understand the requirements of this project.

For more information about the project, including cut-off dates, please visit ADF’s wesbite here

Views: On this week’s global protests

People of all colours and backgrounds around the world have united in peaceful protest at the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police, yet another in a long line of killings in the USA all centred around race.

Racism is a cancer which cripples our society’s growth. Peaceful protest is understandably a significant way for people to express their grief and outrage. But it’s worth remembering that, as well as protest, there are so many other actions we can take which will also bring about change. And in my own opinion, education will play a major role in the way forward.

That is why I am asking you to support progress in a very specific way.

You and I know that theatre is a powerful educator. When theatre comes back – as it will – we will need all those companies who have produced radical, challenging and exciting work around the black experience to be primed and ready to leap out of the starting gate.

If you, like me, feel that you must contribute to the protest in some way, but feel that you haven’t quite found your own way in which to do this, then do something different. Donate! In particular, donate to the many excellent theatre and arts companies which are producing great work in sharing and exploring the experiences of People of Colour.

In the UK

Donate to Eclipse Theatre, who produced and toured a terrific play in early 2020, Janice Okoh’s THE GIFT (review here)

Donate to Tamasha and Paines Plough and the Bush Theatre who produced and toured Zia Ahmed’s I WANNA BE YOURS (review here)

Donate to The Bush Theatre, who have produced Temi Wilkey’s THE HIGH TABLE with Birmingham Repertory Theatre (review here)

Donate to The Young Vic which produced the UK premiere of the Pulitzer Prize-winning FAIRVIEW (review here)

In the UK and internationally

Donate to Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway’s (founder of award-winning ARTISTIC DIRECTORS OF THE FUTURE organisation) new project BEYOND THE CANON to draw students attention to literary diversity by championing hidden and forgotten plays written by Black, Asian, LatinX and Middle Eastern playwrights by making these texts available to students in the UK and internationally during the hiatus in global education systems. This is a brand new project today and I am thrilled to have been the first donor- so who will join me? Donate here

In the USA

Donate to award-winning Chicago playwright Reginald Edmund’s BLACK VOICES BLACK WORDS INTERNATIONAL project.

Whilst this is my own personal selection of my own recent engagements and experiences, I appreciate that there are many other great organisations which I haven’t highlighted here, so if you know them better than I do, why not donate to them also?

Change is coming, and you can help drive it. Use your money as a way of planting seeds of hope and thought for the future, to help these organisations’ contributions to conversations about important work flourish and grow. And hopefully to lead us all into a more enlightened and caring world where difference is no longer hated but celebrated.