Sky Arts Freeview channel screens Almeida’s HYMN this weekend

This coming Sunday, 18 April at 9pm, Sky Arts’ Freeview Channel screens the Almeida’s hit from earlier this year, HYMN. Starring Adrian Lester (Red Velvet, Hustle) and Danny Sapani (Killing Eve, Les Blancs), HYMN is written by Lolita Chakrabarti (Red Velvet, Life of Pi) and directed by Blanche McIntyre (The Writer).

“Man, sometimes it takes a long time to sound like yourself”
Miles Davis

Two men meet at a funeral. Benny is a loner anchored by his wife and children. Gil longs to fulfil his potential. They form a deep bond but as cracks appear in their fragile lives they start to realise that true courage comes in different forms.

Featuring music from Gil and Benny’s lives, Lolita Chakrabarti’s searching, soulful new play asks what it takes to be a good father, brother or son.

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