Sign the petition to stop cutting arts education for our young people

It seems ludicrous that we have to sign petitions to get anything done, but such is the corrupt, incompetent and disengaged government that that is our current reality. With that in mind, the Chancellor is trying to starve your kids education. Let’s tell him to lay off our kids – please sign the petition- details below. Thank You.

Secondary schools are missing £90 million of pledged Government funding for arts programmes and activities this academic year. 

Chancellor Rishi Sunak promised the Arts Premium in March 2020, “to fund enriching activities for all pupils”[1]. It was due to reach schools last month at a crucial moment in young people’s recovery from the pandemic.

Instead the schools minister said “the Arts Premium is now subject to this year’s Spending Review”[2], which Rishi Sunak is conducting now and concluding on 27th October. The Department for Education could not confirm whether the Arts Premium will be scrapped.[3]

Meanwhile youth centres and services, which face mounting financial pressures to keep delivering extra-curricular activities, are still waiting to receive any of the £500 million Youth Investment Fund they were promised by the Government in 2019.[4]

Young people have suffered enough during the pandemic, which has taken a devastating toll on mental health and educational inequality.[5] Now more than ever, every child must have the opportunity to express and develop their creativity, inside and outside school.

[1]Conservative Manifesto 2019, p13; Budget 2020[2]Written reply, Nick Gibb MP[3]Arts Professional[4]Civil Society News[5]Inequalities in education, skills, and incomes in the UK: The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, IFS

We urge the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to:

  1. Keep the Government’s manifesto promise to deliver an Arts Premium of at least £90 million a year to secondary schools, distributing this much-needed funding as soon as possible.
  2. Keep the Government’s manifesto promise to deliver a £500m Youth Investment Fund to support youth centres and services, including the extra-curricular arts activities they provide.
  3. Increase national investment in the arts, and revenue funding of local and combined authorities, so everybody can benefit from high-quality arts and cultural services in their local community at this crucial time of recovery

Please sign the petition to help give our kids a better chance at better futures. We can afford it – we need to remind the Chancellor that it’s OUR money he’s playing with!

Find more information and sign the petition here

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