Sheffield Crucible 50th anniversary celebrations include this talk about its design – May 23rd

Sheffield Crucible (image courtesy Sheffield Theatres website)

Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre is 50 years old and to celebrate they are going back to where it all began with a discussion with the theatres’ architect, Nick Thompson.

Nick will discuss the design and building of the Crucible with Tedd George, son of the theatres’ founding artistic director, Colin George. They will explore the original plans for the theatre, why it was decided to adopt a revolutionary thrust stage, and how this creative vision was transformed into an architectural design and an engineering reality.

Their discussion will lead the audience through the design process; from the original sketches of the thrust stage right through to the brilliant engineering solutions devised, highlighting the amazing work of individuals and teams involved in creating this unique building.

Nick and Tedd will also share little-known facts about the Crucible; including why the backstage area is located under the stage, how Agammemnon’s tomb at Mycenae influenced the enormous doors to the auditorium and what secrets lie hidden under the buildings’ structure.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask your questions and share your knowledge, views and experiences of the Crucible.

This in-person event is on Monday May 23rd at 6pm, lasting about 80 minutes. Tickets are £10. Find more information and book here

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