Save Hulme Hippodrome Campaign goes to court to challenge inactive owners

For those who may not have heard of it before, Hulme Hippodrome is a theatre building of great hiostorical and architectural value which has been on the Theatre Trusts’s Theatres At Risk list for many years.

The buidling has changed hands several times in a series of possibly improper ways, and the Save Hulme Hippodrome Campaign are looking to secure its survival against the ravages of time and its current unsound condition, before it falls beyond repair.

On 14 February Manchester City Council issued notice to owners of the building to make repairs and improvements to its exterior. Known as a Section 215 Notice, it had 11 requirements, listed below, all designed to help slow the decay of the building’s fabric.

As of the time of writing the owners have not started any of these works and instead appealed. The first hearing will occur on 29th July and we wish the Council and the SHH campaign success in getting these irresponsible people to protect the future of this important heritage building.

The list of requirements which have so far been ignored by the building’s irresponsible owners

FOOTNOTE: There is an interesting article by a local reporter Kevin Glenton, with a particularly Mancunian take on the Hippodrome and its significance, which includes talking to members of the Save Hulme Hippodrome campaign. It’s worth a read, and you can find it by clicking here

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