Remembering the great Sandy Powell

Albert Arthur Powell MBE (30 January 1900 – 26 June 1982), known professionally as Sandy Powell, was a highly popular British comedian whose career spanned well over 60 years. In his time, he sold almost 8 million records, had a 75,000-strong children’s fan club, produced his own shows, had a 20-year residency at an Eastbourne pier theatre and was an extremely adept businessman. But what we remember best today about Sandy is the many laughs he brought us.

For those who know him, here are some opportunities to rekindle your memories. And for those to whom he is unknown, well, you have a real treat in store.

Where to start? Personally, I think you’ll enjoy his legendary ventriloquist sketch which you can find here, filmed in 1979, assisted by his wife, Kay White.

Here is Sandy reminiscing about his long career and performing life on the valuable series THE OLD BOY NETWORK in 1979

And finally, here’s a (sadly incomplete) documentary about Sandy in 1980.

Thank you Sandy for all the laughs!

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