Please write to the V&A to help save the Theatre and Performance Department!

SIBMAS are asking everyone who cares about theatre and performance to send a letter to Tristram Hunt, the Director of the V&A, to demand wider consultation before any of the proposed savage changes are made to the status of their world-renowned Theatre and Performance collection.

On 13th April, SIBMAS said:

Following an update from Dr. Tristram Hunt regarding the reorganisation of the departmental structure in the museum it is now proposed that Theatre & Performance will be in a department with Fashion & Furniture. While this is a step in the right direction with Theatre & Performance being at least recognised as an entity we have concerns about this possible new structure, not least about the loss of specialist jobs and knowledge resulting from it. To try and effect further change we ask you who are reading this to write again, to support the call for a consultation with collaborators and stakeholders external to the museum about the future of the Theatre & Performance department.

SIBMAS has created two draft letters one for Donors and One for Supporters. Please use this information to craft your own letter that best suits your own experience/position in regards to the collection.

You can quickly download one or both of the letter templates (which make it very easy to complete in just a few minutes) at the SIBMAS website here

If you can CC a copy of your letter to , and by so doing, you are agreeing to give SIBMAS permission to publish your letter / name. SIBMAS would like to publish a selection of emails on their website.

Please send your open letter to Tristram Hunt, Director, V&A Museum,


Who are SIBMAS?

Since 1954, SIBMAS has been the international network of cultural heritage in the performing arts. Spread across 35 countries around the world, they gather individuals and institutions documenting circus, dance, film, opera, theatre and puppetry.

What does SIBMAS do?

They promote research in the performing arts, facilitate networking among their members and share resources about their specific collections and the performing arts in general:

Conferences: SIBMAS organises biennial conferences focusing on challenges and recent developments of current practical interest for our members
Networking: SIBMAS encourages genuine collaboration and invests in spreading best practice between its members
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International Directory of Performing Arts: a database with detailed information about performing arts collections, searchable by organization name and/or category of member institution ranging from national libraries to puppet museums
Proceedings: SIBMAS provides print editions of the conference papers of our conferences

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