Out of Work Work – you can support theatre freelancers by buying great presents

In what has undoubtedly been the hardest year for the arts in living memory, a brilliant new way to support arts workers has been launched.

The new website OutOfWorkWork.co.uk has been created by Joel Marvin of Acting for Others, and agent Chris Davis to support freelance creatives who have been ignored by government support plans. As they put it:

“Creative artists are resilient, building successful careers based on passions and dreams.

To overcome financial difficulties during this time, many have turned their hand, and hearts, to other ventures.

Here at out of work work, we want to showcase hidden talents, new products and services – allowing people to support independent businesses.”

At the website, which is also supported by WhatsOnStage.com and SundayShowTunes, you can find a dazzling array of wonderful and unusual gift ideas which helps you and the creatives at the same time.

Serving as a creative directory with at present 100 different listings, you can find gift ideas in categories such as Art, Beauty, Books, Clothes, Textiles, Crafts, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Homeware, Kids, Literature, Music, Pet Supplies, Services, and the ever-intriguing Other (worth a wander around for sure!). Individual pages take you to each contributor’s sites, so that you can buy direct.

The site is a non-profit setup, designed to allow creatives the chance to list their wares for free. So if you’re a creative, here’s your chance to offer a product or service.

And for the rest of us, here’s a chance to find the most interesting gift ideas around!

Visit OutOfWorkWork.co.uk here

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