Not Lost In Translation: Foreign Affairs offers three new online discussions

East-London based theatre group Foreign Affairs describe themselves as “bringing stories from around the globe into unconventional spaces”. Rooted in a collaborative approach, they work with international playwrights and translators to bring award-winning world drama to English-speaking audiences with an eye to exploring topical social and political issues.

To celebrate their 11th anniversary, they have kindly shared three interesting discussions via their YouTube channel. The discussions all concern translations of works, language, perceptions of value and cultural and social issues, as well as the realities of collaborating with playwrights and across cultures.

Discussion One – Are distinctions such as ‘native’ and ‘non-native’ becoming irrelevant in a globalised society?

In this talk, English – Polish literary translator Marta Dziurosz talks to translators Anton Hur, Lúcia Collischonn and Valentina Marconi about “non-native” and collaborative translation, the bias towards/surrounding bilingual translators and the notions of ‘language ownership’ and ‘collaboration vs chaperoning’.

Discussion Two – In this talk, writer, editor and translator Daniel Hahn talks to playwright Marc-Antoine Cyr and his English translator Charis Ainslie, and playwright and translator Caridad Svich about working between cultures and the playwright-translator work relationship.

Discussion Three – In this talk, academic and translator Margherita Laera talks to translators Almiro Andrade and Jeremy Tiang and award-winning playwright Hannah Khalil about the role of translated theatre within an anglophone context, and the underrepresentation and marginalisation of migrant voices and communities on stage.

These conversations last around 75 minutes each and are certainly interesting for their experienced speakers and ideas which are examined.

Please note: These discussions are available online until Monday September 20th.

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