New biography of legendary Fred Karno thrills Music Hall fans

David Crump’s new biography of comedy fountainhead Fred Karno is no light read. At 600 pages, it can certainly claim to be one of the biggest biographies in recent years.

Karno is the man who created and drove the comedy troupe which fostered the talents of Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin and countless other comedy greats. It’s a fascinating story which crosses time, continents, with countless highs and lows. But then Karno’s is a story worth telling. And this book is quite a labour of love, having taken Crump ten years to complete. Researching, identifying and cataloguing the 211 illustrations must have been a mammoth task in itself.

In Fred Karno: The Legend Behind The Laughter, published on November 5th, Crump has properly done the research legwork to reveal as much as humanly possible about the man, his genius, follies, fortunes and foibles. Highly recommended, it’s available now and would make the perfect present for any Music Hall fan.

More information below from publisher Brewin Books.

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