Musical Theatre Pitching Workshop now available online!

With pitching applications for BEAM2023 now open, back in August the BEAM team helpfully presented a free online event focusing on pitching your work. They have now, even more helpfully, made that online masterclass available to everyone.

Increasingly writers are asked to pitch their own work – so we want to take this opportunity to share top tips and help you get comfortable pitching your projects. Similarly directors, producers and other collaborators often find themselves in situations where they may be asked to advocate for a new musical they’re involved in developing.

This Pitching Your Work Masterclass is designed to aid you in your preparations for pitching for BEAM2023. Topics covered also include pitching to producers, agents and collaborators in a limited timeframe; the so–called ‘elevator pitch’.

The team kindly agreed to put the Masterclass online so that it could help many of those who were not able to make the live event. I am sure it will help many music theatre creatives sell their work more effectively – great result MTN and BEAM, and Thank You!

Watch the class online now here.

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