MINT theatre streams another rediscovered classic

New York-based MINT Theatre company are generously making available to the public past productions around the world for free.

Streaming globally until March 19th is the 1931 play PHILIP GOES FORTH by Pulitzer Prize-winner George Kelly.

PHILIP GOES FORTH tells the story of a young man who rebels against his father and a career in the family business and ventures to New York to write plays. He leaves home without his father’s support or blessing, but with this warning: “Don’t imagine, whenever you get tired floating around up there in the clouds that you can drop right back into your place down here;—that isn’t the way things go—”

George Kelly was a celebrated author in the 1920s, the man who wrote the 1925 psychological drama CRAIG’S WIFE, centered around an obsessive, destructive housewife, which earned him a Pulitzer Prize. By this time, notes Foster Hirsch, “a new play (by Kelly) was as keenly anticipated as a new one by Eugene O’Neill.”

PHILIP GOES FORTH made its debut at the Biltmore Theater on Broadway in January of 1931. George Kelly’s comedy has some discouraging words for its title character—and this rubbed a few critics the wrong way. The Times’ Brooks Atkinson was especially disgruntled. “To discourage the neophytes about coming to New York and trying their fortune with the arts is to accept considerable responsibility,” Atkinson proclaimed, while missing the point of the play. Kelly was so disappointed by the lack of critical perception that he gave up writing for the theatre for the next five years.

MINT Theatre’s 2013 production—the play’s first in 82 years—finally garnered the play the critical perception it deserved.

You can find out more about the play, and stream it until March 19th, here

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