London Open House 2021 goes longer and hybrid!

As September approaches, we look forward to the time when some of London’s hardest to see buildings throw open their doors to eager visitors for this once-a year opportunity.

In a change to previous years’ events, which have been ridiculously crammed into one weekend, this year’s Open House extends across two weekends and the week in between, from 4th to 12th September, with a wide range of events that can be selected both in-person and online, which will certainly help broaden access to the many interesting events in the programme as well as allowing audiences to take part in more visits. A win-win!

There are usually a handful of performance buildings included in the programme, and when the details are released on August 11th you can search on “Theatre” to locate them..

You can find full details when they are unveiled on Wednesday 11th August at midday at the Open House website which you can find by clicking here

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