Watch a fascinating online discussion from Canada’s Siminovitch Forum

On Thursday, May 26th, there was an interesting online discussion originating from Canada.

As the performing arts industry embraces a more nuanced understanding of representation and acknowledges the importance of narrative sovereignty, the question is raised; who gets to tell whose story?

The online discussion featured:

Poet, theatre producer, and founder of b current theatre ahdri zhina mandiela

Playwright and artistic director of Project Humanity Andrew Kushnir

Comedian, author, and activist Martha Chaves

Playwright, director, and 2020 Siminovitch Laureate Tara Beagan

Moderated by playwright Marcus Youssef, 2017 Siminovitch Prize Laureate

The discussion was presented by The Siminovitch Forum who curate a series of events stimulating dialogue on theatre innovation. As a national gathering place for theatre audiences and theatre makers, these provocative panel discussions build important connections between theatre communities across Canada. Events take place primarily in English with some French content; simultaneous translation is available.

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here

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