It’s International Archives Week!

June 6 to 10 is International Archives Week, where the archival community celebrates its incredible breadth and depth of data, knowledge and insight contained in their files.

The theme this year is “Archives Are You”, highlighting that archives contain small traces of each of us in their holdings – whether as statistics, opinions or actions, archives record and preserve valuable insights, bringing the past within touching distance for researchers, family members or statisticians.

For those with an interest in theatre, one of the best archives you can consult is the Theatre Trust archive. You can find out more about their archive and extensive library here

Of the many interesting items, one which caught my eye was the online presentation Theatres Lost and Saved, which tells the story of the changing fortunes of Britain’s theatres over the last 100 years, and the leading role Theatres Trust has played in protecting theatres for the people. It’s well worth a visit- you can enjoy it here.

However you mark International Archives Week, I hope that you enjoy it!

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