Independent theatremakers grasp THE KNOT!

This is your last call to sign up for the fascinating events in The Knot. Applications close at midnight tomorrow (25th May).

The Knot is a festival of ideas and conversations that creatives need to have. One year since theatres reopened, independent artists face many daunting questions – some seemingly unanswerable.

New Diorama Theatre (NDT) Broadgate, who work with many independent artists, know that these big, knotty questions aren’t being asked out in the open. They have created a one-week festival called The Knot which dares us all to leave the WhatsApp group, get out of the DMs, save our subtweets to draft, and engage together in the big conversations. However nervous we are.

For a week in June, freelance artists & independent companies are setting an audacious agenda, with bigger funded organisations attending on their terms. A bold programme of big-thinking panel discussions, game-changing workshops and mind-expanding speakers – plus theatre’s spiciest pub quiz.

Saturday 18 – Friday 24 June, the events are hosted at NDT Broadgate and online.

Sign up here

The Knot is a partnership between New Diorama Theatre, Bunny, Uproot and Culture Mile. All kindly supported by National Lottery funding awarded by Arts Council England.

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