Hulme Hippodrome hosts a garden party on July 25th

Having just been delighted by the arrival in the post of my new SAVE HULME HIPPO T-shirt (see below), I was further pleased to see the announcement of a Garden Party at the Hulme Hippodrome on Sunday 25th July, from 1pm until 4pm which is, as they describe it, “an afternoon of food, talks and music to say Thank You for your support”.

1.00pm – Welcome drink, registering and signing people up

1.15pm – Walk around of Hulme Hip 

1.30pm   Presentation from the board  Directors + questions

2.00pm – Lunch + musical accompaniment 

2.40pm   Heritage Talk

3.00pm – Introduce future events

3.15pm – Planning for the future of the Hippodrome

Although too far away to attend myself, I hope that anyone in or around the Manchester area will get out and support them.

I’m delighted with my Save the Hippo T-shirt!

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