Get Into Theatre is a great resource for young theatre-makers

Get Into Theatre is a website which is a fantastic resource for those young people wanting to know more about the many and varied rewarding careers that theatre can offer them.

Get Into Theatre was originally produced by The Stage newspaper and created in partnership with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, UK Theatre and the Society of London Theatre. All the partners remain active supporters but Get Into Theatre is now an independent charity.

At its website you’ll find huge amounts of theatre-related information, ideas and useful interviews, FAQs, opportunities and experiences, as well as a quick and easy way to refine what you’re looking for in the site’s fun Quick Questions feature.

I’d highly recommend this site as a first stop for anyone wanting to know about the world of theatre which seems obvious to those of us in it, but can seem impenetrable to those outside wanting to know more. This website is a brilliant bridge across that divide. Get along there today!

Visit Get Into Theatre here

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