Failed fireplace salesman wants to kill your kids’ dreams. Stop him.

This is the alleged Education Secretary. Gavin Williamson is his name, although most people seem to refer to him as Private Pike, after the ineffectual milksop character in the BBC comedy Dad’s Army. And no wonder. He’s a failed fireplace salesman. And boy, doesn’t he look it? And now he’s acting like it too.

The Government wants to impose a catastrophic 50% funding cut to arts subjects at higher education (HE) level in England. Williamson thinks this is a great idea. But of course Williamson wouldn’t know a creative idea if it arrived on a unicorn accompanied by the sound of klaxons.

So the government, not satisfied with refusing to grant insurance to live theatre, as it so quickly did for film and TV, is now intent on kneecapping the new intake into creative industries which bring our country vastly more than £100 billion EACH YEAR. Sure, we can easily do without that, when we can play with our gunboats to distract “the masses”.

That’s a plan all right. A plan for disaster. A plan to cripple thinking and innovation and to keep those who have to work for a living where they belong- in soul-destroying call centres, factory work, low-paid, menial jobs with no prospects which crush their hopes and pour acid on their dreams. What a country…..

In case anyone hasn’t been to an optician recently – Open your Eyes Britain!

This is the Tories working from the American Republican playbook – keep ’em poor, keep ’em sick, keep ’em dumb, keep ’em distracted. They can only win if YOU let them.

Please SIGN the petition NOW to stop Britain becoming as dead and joyless as the Tories want it to be.

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