LGBT PRIDE MONTH EVENTS: Explore the truth behind the legend of Alan Turing in a fascinating online talk by his nephew

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June is LGBT Pride Month, and June 9th is International Archive Day, so what better time to celebrate the great work of the UK National Archives? To mark the event, here’s another fascinating free online talk courtesy of the National Archive, entitled REFLECTIONS OF ALAN TURING.

World War Two code-breaker Alan Turing’s career has inspired a number of creative works, amongst them Hugh Whitemore’s stage hit of the 1980s, BREAKING THE CODE, with a memorable performance by Derek Jacobi as Turing, and again a few years ago with film THE IMITATION GAME, where Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Turing to much acclaim.

So, by now, everyone knows the story of the code-breaker and computer science pioneer Alan Turing.

Or do they?

Our knowledge of Alan Turing has been fragmentary, and further obscured by decades of misinterpretation and misunderstanding. In this discussion these layers of super-encipherment are stripped away to disclose the real story.

Was Alan Turing actually much of a codebreaker?
What is the meaning of Alan Turing’s trial, his suicide, the Royal Pardon, the £50 note, and the film The Imitation Game?
Drawing from Alan Turing’s background, his discoveries and his life-story, this talk uncovers a fresh legacy from Alan Turing for the 21st century.

This talk is presented by Dermot Turing, author of the acclaimed biography PROF, about the life of his uncle, Alan Turing and X, Y & Z: THE REAL STORY OF HOW ENIGMA WAS BROKEN. He spent his career in the legal profession after graduating from Cambridge and Oxford, and is a trustee of Bletchley Park. He has extensive knowledge of World War II code-breaking and is a regular presenter at major cryptology events.

Presented online on Wednesday, 9 June at 7.30pm BST, the talk lasts approximately 30-40 minutes, followed by a 15 minute live Q&A and promises to give real insights into this most fascinating of men.

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