Enjoy Mike Leigh In Conversation online on 26th April

ABIGAIL’S PARTY, NUTS IN MAY, HIGH HOPES, VERA DRAKE, GRIEF, PETERLOO, and many more films, TV works and stage plays.

Whether you value his writing more than his direction, his theatre work over his film work, most will agree that Mike Leigh is significant in all these areas, in an award-winning career spanning over half a century.

Now you have a chance to hear Leigh talk about his own work in a discussion with the team at Westminster Libraries, who host this online event on Wednesday 26th May at 7.00pm

He will discuss his creative process, where he finds inspiration and how he goes about writing his scripts.

The Westminster team said: “We are particularly interested in finding out about his work as a writer and how the written word relates to his work as a director. We want to know how he feels about books and libraries and how these have influenced his work.”

He has also agreed to take some questions from the online audience towards the end of the discussion.

Lasting one hour, the event is free but you must register beforehand to allow the joining link to be sent to you.

Book your ticket here

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