Dudley Hippodrome surveys audiences to find the truth about its vast potential

Wherever you are, please help avoid the unnecessary destruction of a vital Art Deco theatre in Dudley.
You can help by filling in a survey (below) which only takes s few moments and requires no personal information.
Visitors to the renovated theatre could come from all across the country, creating employment, business opportunities and a huge amount of happiness- and boy do we all need that right now!
Please click the link on the post below to add your voice against more needless demolition polluting our environment. Thank You

Dudley Hippodrome Development Trust says “Please share, share, share this link, with your family and friends, and ask them to find a couple of minutes to complete our survey, as you hopefully will do too. Just tap on the link below.


It is not too late to make a difference to the plight of Dudley Hippodrome. Dudley Council is pushing ahead with its plans to demolish the iconic building without doing the minimum necessary, which is a feasibility/ viability study.

We have instructed local firm Oakham Research (http://oakhamresearch.com/) to conduct this survey on our behalf.

There is a paper version and you are requested to contact the Trust so that arrangements can be made to facilitate those who wish to submit their opinions in that way. No personal details are requested during the survey which should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The resulting statistics will be analysed by Oakham Research and their findings will be published in due course.

This is YOUR chance to show the council that there is public demand for the refurbishment and reopening of the building for all to enjoy.

Thank you, and as we always say…..

You decide……….”

This really is our last chance to save this valuable resource, so please get involved.

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