Dudley Hippodrome excites interest from Birmingham City University’s MA architectural students

As the culture-blind Dudley Council stumbles towards its out-of-step decision to demolish the area’s only professional theatre, and a starting date “early in the New Year”, interesting news has just recently come in from the Dudley Hippodrome Development Trust (DHDT).

“DHDT have been approached by Birmingham City University, and their [MA] students have requested a project brief for the Hippodrome to be re-imagined for Theatres Trust ‘at Risk’ register.

The requirements are to adapt such a building into a place for local people to enjoy, with such a large space to be divided for long term economic viability, champion local entrepreneurship, and to attract visitors from further afield to bring cultural tourism back into Dudley Town.

The students’ ‘Work in progress’ will be seen on 8th November with final projects to be completed by 6th December.

We wish them every success and look forward to seeing the results.

Is this embarrassing to the Council ?

You decide……….”

I know what I think. What about You?

4 Replies to “Dudley Hippodrome excites interest from Birmingham City University’s MA architectural students”

  1. I’ve never been to Dudley but we love theatres and go to shows frequently across the Midlands. If this theatre were up and running it would not just be a centre point for the community it would be a magnet to get people like us into the town. Come on Dudley Council get your act together and show us your ability to innovate, create a benchmark project and realise the potential here.

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