Dame Diana Rigg

March provides a chance to share An Evening with Dame Diana Rigg in London. Tickets and more information can be found here.

This event reminded me that whenever I travel by air I am most grateful to Dame Diana. Some years ago she compiled a book entitled No Turn Unstoned, subtitled ‘the worst ever theatrical reviews’. And she has found some real stingers, although I am glad to say that the contemporary theatre world’s high standards gives very few opportunities for this kind of criticism anymore.

Whenever I travel I always take it as a calmer (I am not a good flyer) and rather than well up with anxiety, this little book has given me many smiles and at time outright laughs just when I need them most. You can dip in and out of it very easily so it is the perfect travelling companion (alongside a husband/wife/significant other/ partner/ gigolo/gigolette/ farmyard animal (if that’s your bag)) As you can see, my copy is well-travelled and somewhat dog-eared.

Bought for me by a dear actor friend, it is still available- only in second-hand condition, I would imagine- on Amazon, abebooks and lots of other fine online booksellers.

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