Heritage bodies line up to support Dudley Hippodrome as D-Day for its fate approaches

Wednesday November 17th is the date that the Development Control Committee meets at Dudley Council to determine the fate of the planning application to demolish the only professional theatre in the area, the Dudley Hippodrome.

In the last few days, SAVE Britain’s Heritage and the Twentieth Century Society have spoken out publicly supporting the retention of the theatre, and condemning the needless destruction of a fine arts asset which is owned by the people of Dudley and sits upon land gifted to the people of Dudley by a previous Earl of Dudley.

In line with Council hearings, only one person per agenda item will be allowed to speak, and then for a mere three minutes. The Hippodrome is not the only item on the agenda, but it will undoubtedly be the one most in the public gaze.

The Dudley Hippodrome Development Trust have selected Dave Homer to speak for them and they could not have chosen more wisely. Dave is an excellent, passionate speaker for the Theatre, and has been one of those leading the campaign from the front for a long time now.

Being so intimately involved with those courageous and dedicated souls trying to save this local gem from destruction, I hope that you will join me in wishing them every possible success with this hearing.

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