Celebrating painter Walter Sickert’s theatricality in subject and expression

Detail from Gallery of the Old Bedford Theatre, by Walter Sickert

Here’s a great article from the Liverpool Museums website about the great painter Walter Sickert and the theatricality which suffused his paintings. Early training and experience as an actor gave him access to the Music Halls and theatres of his day, and his appreciation for the qualities of light and drama and their ability to highlight the complex relationship between performers and audience inform his work to a significant extent.

Junxia Wang, the author of the piece, is a History of Art PhD student at University of York. Her article is well worth a read.

You can find it here

2 Replies to “Celebrating painter Walter Sickert’s theatricality in subject and expression”

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kevin. Couldn’t agree more with you. Sickert definitely absorbed some of the magical quality about the connection between a performance and its audience, and was able to communicate that on canvas in an involving way- one of the many reasons I love this theatre work.

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