Breach Theatre’s IT’S TRUE, IT’S TRUE, IT’S TRUE

ITS TRUE, ITS TRUE, ITS TRUE is an award-winning show from the company Breach which was highly praised at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival, where it won a Scotsman Fringe First Award and The Stage Award for Acting Excellence. The show was due to play at the Barbican from March 31st to April 9th before performances were suspended. The streaming is available until May 17th.

This gripping dramatisation of a 1612 rape trial brought by the gifted painter Artemisia Gentileschi roars down the ages centuries after it shocked Renaissance Rome.

When Agostino Tassi, the pope’s favourite artist, was accused of raping 15-year-old Gentileschi, the ensuing seven-month case was widely publicised. IT’S TRUE, IT’S TRUE, IT’S TRUE interweaves jaw-dropping court transcripts with history, myth, contemporary insight and moments of satire to ask: how much has really changed?

Filled with ire and using modern language, the devised show shines a spotlight on a remarkable woman who went on to triumph through her art.

If you watch and enjoy the production, please consider making a donation to Breach Theatre. All donations go directly to Breach Theatre.

This new film version, shot on location in a former chapel, was specially staged for TV and originally shown on BBC4. The film is produced by Artemisia Films and Breach and was commissioned by The Space for BBC Arts.

The show runs 75 mins and is suggested for audiences aged 14+
Please be aware that the show contains: strobe lighting, nudity, strong language, violence and sexual violence.

To learn more about Breach, visit their website here.


The National Theatre’s ONE MAN, TWO GUV’NORS

The National Theatre’s production of Richard Bean’s smash-hit comedy ONE MAN, TWO GUV’NORS from 2011 is now available to view online at the National Theatre’s YouTube channel.

The production is available from 7pm BST on April 2nd on demand, until 9th April.

Although this production is free to watch, please strongly consider making a donation to the National Theatre to enable it to keep its doors open after this crisis has passed.


Hampstead Theatre’s WILD

Hampstead Theatre’s production of Mike Bartlett’s WILD from 2016 is available now to view online at the Hampstead Theatre’s website (and also the Guardian’s website).

The production is available now until April 5th on demand.

Although this production is free to watch, please strongly consider making a donation to the Hampstead Theatre to enable it to keep its doors open after this crisis has passed.



Now available to watch online (via Facebook) is Ben Adams and Chris Wilkins’ comic musical which stars Rob Houchen (Les Miserables) as Eugene, a nerdy kid who dreams of making a superhero movie. The show has been seen at the Other Palace recently as well as in two previous runs.

Please note that this recording was made solely for archival purposes so its is not as technically agile as some of the streamings you may have seen out there. Nevertheless its a faithful recording of the show and a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

While the show is free to watch, please remember that the Eugenius! team are asking for your help to raise money for charity Acting for Others which helps those in the theatrical profession to weather hard times, and frankly few could be harder than right now. So please donate whatever you are able.

To donate to Acting for Others, click here


Let’s go to the Theatre……in 1981

For the first in a series called The Time Travel Theatre Trip, we are all off to the Vaudeville Theatre in London, in the year 1981, to see a well-cast and entertaining Noel Coward comedy, PRESENT LAUGHTER.

As I remember, John Gale produced the show first at Greenwich Theatre, and then brought it in to the West End for a respectable run which did very good business. The casting is well-nigh perfect in my opinion. Donald Sinden is glorious in full bluster as Garry Essendine; Dinah Sheridan still beautiful and elegant, Gwen Watford always a most respected actress and solid support. And all, of course, happy to be working….

What is particularly eye-catching is that, uncredited on the external advertising, two of the lesser supporting players are omitted; Belinda Lang, still doing sterling work onstage today in 2019, and also one Julian Fellowes. I wonder what happened to him……? (NB He was a delight here as the annoying Roland Maule)

I saw this early in its Vaudeville Theatre run and soon after the BBC cameras came in and recorded it to show as a TV schedule highlight. Back in those days a West End show was occasionally a TV highlight; in the 1960s Brian Rix farces from the Whitehall were a regular Christmas TV event for some years, proving immensely popular with theatre and television audiences.

How did they shoot PRESENT LAUGHTER back then? With the limited technology of 1981, two or three consecutive performances were recorded with cameras sat in the stalls and a couple of side boxes. The best scenes from each performance were then selected to form the eventual broadcast whole.

Anyway, time to sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy going to the theatre in 1981.
Who’s got the popcorn?……..

Part One (runs 1 hour 7 mins)

INTERVAL TIME. Take 15 minutes off to pop to the loo, grab a drink or an ice cream, and get back to your seat in good time. When you are ready, it’s on to…..

Part Two (runs 1 hour 19 mins)

With acknowledgement and thanks to the show’s YouTube poster E.W.R. Many