Where was I?

My apologies to everyone for the hiccup in the blog this Summer.

Rest assured, the blog continues. However, an exceptional opportunity arose for me to write a large retrospective piece to encourage the rediscovery of a forgotten hero of 20th Century UK architecture.

This large reappraisal has literally taken all my waking non-work hours for the last three month. The document contains over 35,000 words and 100 images and has been accepted to be a keynote article in a prestigious annual journal. It should appear early next year – I’ll tell you more as it becomes available.

Although the bulk of the work is done, more refinements will happen, but I will at least have more time for the blog once more from November.

Once again, sorry to have been away, but I look forward to sharing more theatrical and associated writing with you over the next few months!



January 20th marks the 3rd anniversary of Unrestricted Theatre.

Who would have thought that two-thirds of its lifespan would be during a global pandemic that shut theatres down for the longest period in their history.

I would just like to thank all of you “wonderful people out there in the web” (to paraphrase Norma Desmond) for continuing to visit, for your emails when you enjoy reading an article, and for your continued support of the theatre (and theatres) that we all love and enjoy. There’s never been a time when they’ve needed your support more.

About Copyright / Inaccuracies / Questions or Concerns

I claim copyright over all articles I have written for this blog and for photographs and imagery provided where it is mine to claim. Others have contributed to this blog by supplying images, words and views, and the copyright of their contributions rests with them, and is credited where known.

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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at hello@unrestrictedtheatre.co.uk

About this blog

You may be interested to know about how this blog is conducted. If so, this is for you.

This blog is an eclectic look at what I think might interest you, who have an interest in all aspects of theatre but don’t have the time to read widely on the subject. If it catches my eye, then perhaps it might interest you too. More Off-West End than West End, this blog hopes to give more exposure to those shows which may not have the budget or team to make that happen. For that reason, we will focus less on big West End shows and delve into more interesting, but less celebrated theatre works.

Furthermore, I know that you are interested in the people who make theatre, not just the big stars. Behind them is an army of dedicated passionate people who are every bit as interesting as those who walk our stages every night. My hope is to introduce you to some of these fine people and to remind younger readers that there are great careers to be had in the creative worlds.

This blog is proud to be truly Independent. I pay for every theatre seat I occupy, and this allows me to share with you my honest and UNRESTRICTED thoughts about what works…. and what doesn’t.